Can I just click a button and buy a bike?

We’ve found that folks like to have some level of human connection when they’re buying something as personal as a hand-built bike. They may have a range of questions or want to personalize finishes, components, and geometry. Ultimately, we feel the best way to do this is to start an actual conversation, whether it’s through email, a phone call, a visit, or a video call. Want to get started? Submit a contact form!

Can I visit the CIRCA workshop?

We currently don’t offer shop tours, but if you’re in the area and want to see our bikes in person, we currently offer mobile meetings. Just drop us a note through the contact form to arrange a mobile meeting.

Are there dealers in my region?

We currently only sell direct to our customers, but we’re exploring a regional dealer network. Let us know if there’s a shop in your neighborhood that might want to carry CIRCA!

How long does it take to build a custom bike or frame?

Most of our quick-custom frames can be completed in 4-6 weeks. For full bike builds, plan on adding a few weeks to the schedule. Laser graphics can also add some time to the process if you decide to go that route.  

Can my frame be recycled after a long life of adventure?

Yes! Unlike carbon frames which will ultimately end up in a landfill, our aluminum frames can be recycled and reincarnated as some other fine aluminum thing.

How does the custom color design process work?

You describe what you’d like and we send back digital sketches. When you’re happy, we lock in the design. We can also send you a template if you want to explore colors on your own. 

What is CIRCA’s Quick Custom Process?

Because of our unique build platform, we’re able to build customized frames much quicker than traditional manufacturers. We call this our Quick Custom process. It allows us to create your frame with personalized colors, laser graphics, fit-type, guides and other features very efficiently, with most frames coming together in 4-6 weeks. For full bike builds, plan on adding a few weeks to the schedule.

What is the warranty on your frames?

We offer a 10 year warranty on our frames that applies to manufacturing defects that affect performance or structure (not aesthetic issues like scratches, etc.). This warranty is for the original owner only. 

Where is my serial number located?

You’ll find the serial number on the bottom of the bottom bracket. 

Where are the frames made?

Each CIRCA frame is built by hand to your specifications in Portland, Oregon.

Why don’t you offer internal routing for hydraulic hoses and derailleur housing?

We believe that external cable routing allows owners (or their mechanics) to work on their bikes easily and efficiently. Yes, internal routing looks nice, but it’s a huge barrier for maintenance which can drive up shop costs and drive home mechanics crazy.

Other Questions?

Have another question that’s not covered here? Drop us an email at info@ridecirca.com or submit a contact form.


How are CIRCA frames assembled?

The majority of our frame assemblies are bonded together using aerospace-grade structural adhesives and our proprietary CNC’d frame elements. Every connection and surface on the frame has been optimized to maximize the performance of that system.

How do I get a replacement derailleur hanger?

Just drop us a note at info@ridecirca.com or submit a contact form. We’ll find out which hanger you need, where it’s going and send out an invoice.

Do you offer internal routing?

We only offer internal routing for Di2 systems. 

What is anodizing and why doesn’t CIRCA paint frames?

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that adds a super-thin, sapphire-hard coating to aluminum. It’s lighter and harder than paint, and can be applied to individual frame elements of your CIRCA frame. It’s such a thin coating that we can also design CNC details into the frame that are then accentuated by the process. Anodizing is also very environmentally friendly when compared to paint.

What material are the frames made of?

Our frames are made primarily of 6061 aluminum. We typically mate these to a carbon fork and have several options for you to choose from.

Why are the frames made of aluminum?

Aluminum is a core element of our unique manufacturing strategy. Beyond being very strong and lightweight, it’s very CNC-friendly, so we can make our own dropouts, lugs, bottom brackets and other frame details. We can also anodize (and then laser etch) those aluminum components, which we feel is superior to paint from a durability standpoint. Finally, when your frame has lived a long life of adventure, the aluminum can be recycled (instead of ending up in a landfill like most carbon frames).

Other Questions?

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